Kudzu Root Extract Does Not Perturb the Sleep Wake Cycle of Moderate Drinkers PMC

kudzu for alcohol cravings

The impact of excessive alcohol consumption results in increased healthcare costs, loss of productivity, alcohol-related crime (including assault and sexual abuse), and motor vehicle accidents. The BDI and BAI scores remained unchanged during the course of treatment with both kudzu extract and placebo. The BDI for the kudzu extract-treated participants was 1.78 ± ۲٫۱۱ and 2.63 ± ۲٫۵۰ at baseline and during treatment, respectively. The BDI measures of the placebo-treated participants were 2.0 ± ۲٫۵۸ and 1.67 ± ۱٫۳۷ at baseline and during treatment, respectively. The BAI scores were equally stable and ranged from 0.33 to 1.71 during treatment.

Kudzu’s been used to help treat alcoholism

Kudzu is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat alcoholism. While it may not be as effective as some prescription medications, it can still be a helpful addition to a comprehensive treatment plan for alcoholism. However, some people may experience mild side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and headache.

Kudzu for Alcoholism: The Ultimate Dosage Guide

Charles Wu (Food and Drug Administration, USA) reported on botanical drug development. FDA received 700+ botanical drug applications during the past years, one third of which were for herbs to reduce alcohol cravings oncological indications (Lee et al., 2015). Given the inherent chemical and biological complexity of botanical drugs, the therapeutic and quality consistency if often challenging.

Medications that slow blood clotting (Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs) interacts with KUDZU

Moreover, the heterogeneity of the cravings measures precluded a meta-analysis of standardized instruments. Lastly, this review relied on articles from English language databases, and no studies from African and Middle Eastern countries were found, possibly due to there being limited research in these regions and less alcohol consumption in Muslim countries. Furthermore, psychotropic drugs are frequently employed in the treatment of AUD, despite https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/alternatives-to-alcohol/ there only being a few studies; only Fluoxetine, Samidorphan, and Quetiapine were beneficial in reducing cravings; the latter was also effective for abstinence. These medications may hold potential as adjunctive treatments, especially for patients with psychiatric comorbidities. Kudzu is a plant that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. In recent years, it has gained attention for its potential use in treating alcoholism.

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kudzu for alcohol cravings

What’s actually in sports drinks?

These participants were moderate drinkers and were not attempting to decrease alcohol intake, thus enabling assessment of the impact of kudzu root extract alone on sleep quality and quantity. The anti-drunkeness properties of the extracts of Pueraria lobata (PL), also known as kudzu, have been known since the traditional Chinese medicine. Indeed, the administration of the two major isoflavones present in PL extracts (daidzin and daidzein) reduced ethanol intake in Syrian Golden hamsters with an efficacy similar to the one observed using the PL extract. The ability of PL to reduce alcohol consumption in animals has been also showed testing a herbal mixture (intra-peritoneal injection of 0.5, 0.75, and 1.0 g/kg; and oral administration of 1.5 g/kg), comprising PL (Overstreet et al. 1996).

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  • Ondansetron, a highly selective 5HT3 receptor antagonist, has been shown to reduce cravings when it is combined with Naltrexone [24].
  • Numerous drugs which are not specifically used for the treatment of AUD are used in psychiatry with a certain frequency due to the scarcity of therapeutic options.
  • The root in particular is valued for its medicinal properties, and the beneficial effects are thought be down to a group of compounds found in high concentrations within the plant, called isoflavones.
  • Secondly, not all studies that evaluated cravings also assessed abstinence, making it difficult to establish a correlation between these two outcomes.

The most popular forms available appear to be powdered drink mixes, capsules, disintegrating tablets, and liquid extract drops. The kudzu plant resembles poison ivy, so it’s important to know how to identify it correctly.

  • About 1/3 of the studies demonstrated a reduction of cravings and the maintenance of abstinence compared to those of the placebo.
  • We excluded non-original studies (i.e., reviews, meta-analysis, case reports, discussion articles, and study protocols) in this review.
  • The present study revealed that kudzu extract is also effective in heavy drinkers in their home, work and/or school environment.
  • It was introduced into the United States as an ornamental in 1876, as a forage plant in Florida in the 1920s, and was promoted as an erosion control by the U.S.
  • Puerarin (Fig. 1C) represents the most concentrated isoflavonoid in kudzu, although it is not as potent as daidzin.
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kudzu for alcohol cravings

A standardized formulation of kudzu extract produced minimal side effects, was well-tolerated, and resulted in a modest reduction in alcohol consumption in young nontreatment-seeking heavy drinkers. Additional studies using treatment-seeking alcohol-dependent persons will be necessary to determine the usefulness of this herbal preparation in reducing alcohol use in other populations. Kudzu root gets some serious rep’ for helping folks ease off of the booze.

  • The BDI and BAI scores remained unchanged during the course of treatment with both kudzu extract and placebo.
  • Kudzu is considered safe, with few side effects other than the potential for an allergic reaction to the plant.
  • Mecamylamine, a nicotine antagonist, is a ganglionic cholinergic blocker, which was originally marketed for blood pressure lowering, and its use in smoking cessation blocks the rewarding effects of nicotine, and therefore, reduces the urge to smoke.
  • Despite the fact that specific drugs used for the treatment of alcoholism are the gold standard for reducing cravings (especially Naltrexone), not all studies have shown a good response for maintaining abstinence.
  • Data sources include Micromedex (updated 4 Jun 2024), Cerner Multum™ (updated 23 Jun 2024), ASHP (updated 10 Jun 2024) and others.
  • The highlight of those was Bromocriptine, which in the two studies that were evaluated, showed a positive result for cravings reduction [11,79].

What should I not eat or drink when I’m taking medication?

Lukas and Lee hold a patent for kudzu extract to treat alcohol abuse and dependence. McLean Hospital has licensed the production of kudzu extract (NPI-031) to Natural Pharmacia International (NPI), Inc. that markets it as Alkontrol-Herbal™. Urine samples were qualitatively analyzed by HPLC for puerarin levels on a weekly basis starting on the second week of baseline and continuing through the two follow-up visits. Although blood samples were collected from all participants to examine the safety of kudzu, only the last 12 subjects had blood samples collected for quantitative analysis of puerarin levels. The ones that promoted the increased reduction of cravings compared to that of the placebo were Fluoxetine, Samidorphan, and Quetiapine [66,72,73], and Quetiapine was favorable in maintaining abstinence [66]. Oxcarbazepine is an anticonvulsant that blocks voltage-gated sodium channels, resulting in the stabilization of hyperexcited neural membranes, the inhibition of repetitive neuronal discharge, and the decreased propagation of synaptic impulses.

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